Friday, 22 April 2011

Forgeworld Eldar Hornet Review.

Here i take a look at the Eldar hornet resin kit from Forgeworld.

I will be using this kit for my Dark Eldar Project i have started, i will be tuning it into either a Void Raven bomber or a Razorwing fighter.

Battle Brothers Member Jimmy

40k Nation Radio Episode 2 Live Now...

Episode 2 of the 40k Nation Podcast is now  live for download.  Download Ep 2 Here.

Hosted by Cranberry Muffinman, Justin from Two Smoking Bolters and Adam from Emperors Canarie's.

If Warhammer 40,000 is your hobby then this is the pod cast for you, it funny, informative and well worth a listen.
Give it a try..

Battle Brothers Member Jimmy.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Chat With 40kNation on Teamspeak.

Welcome Wargamers,

Come chat with all the guys of 40knation, they run a Teamspeak server and anyone who signs up to the 40knation forum is free to come on and chat live with the members of this great forum.

Check out this Video by Founder Cranberry Muffinman for all the details and hopefully your'll be joining us chatting live soon..

Thanks for tuning in..
Chapter Member Jimmy.
Battle Brothers 40kNation Chapter.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

40k Nation Radio Episode 1 Live Now...

Hello Wargamers,

40k Nation has launched its first Podcast, and you can download Episode 1 here 40kNation Ep 1. It's a great listen and i recommend doing so.
Its hosted by Founders Cranberry Muffinman, Adam from Emperors Caneries and Justin from TwoSmokingBolters.

Included in Episode 1:

  • Lord Kaldor Draigo
  • Castellen Crowe
  • Grey Knights Vs Orks Battle Report
  • Space Midgets.
Enjoy Wargamers 

Battle Brothers Member Jimmy.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Battle Report 15-03-2011

Welcome Wargamers,

In todays battle we see the dark forces of the Chaos Black Legion take on the endless swarm of the Great Devourer Hive Fleet "No Name".

  • Club Members:....... Matt (CSM) vs Jon (Nids)
  • 40k Forces:............Chaos Space Marines vs Tyranids
  • Mission:..............Capture and Control
  • Objective:...........Capture the enemys objective
  • Deployment:........Spearhead

Dont forget to subscribe to for upcoming tournaments, excellent forums and a chance to join one of the Community Club Chapters.

Thanks Jim
Battle Brothers Chapter.


Battle Brothers Chapter Blog Open!

Welcome Wargame's,

This will be the homepage for the 40k Nation Chapter Battle Brothers, here we will post updates on our members Warhammer 40k army's with army logs, we will be posting frequent battle reports, future Campaign logs and plenty of terrain and painting updates and hopefully tutorials.

Battle Brother's is a group of friends from the town of Crewe and Nantwich in Cheshire/ UK. There are currently 5 active members in our Chapter and between us we very in age from 18 - 26. We currently meet up once a week for battles and general club activities.

We have been collecting 40k since 2nd Edition in the 90's, some of our member since more recent.

These are the current Chapter members and there 40k forces.

  • Jimmy - Blood Angels, Kabal of the Black Heart, Sa'Cea Tau.
  • Jon - Hive Fleet "No Name", Space Wolves Bjorns Company, Grey Knights.
  • Matt - Ultramarines, Chaos Black Legion. Necrons.
  • Ben - Space Wolves 13th Company, Iyandan Eldar.
  • Chris - Ork Goff's, Hive Fleet "Leviathan".
Thanks for stopping buy,

Battle Brothers Chapter