Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Battle Brothers Chapter Blog Open!

Welcome Wargame's,

This will be the homepage for the 40k Nation Chapter Battle Brothers, here we will post updates on our members Warhammer 40k army's with army logs, we will be posting frequent battle reports, future Campaign logs and plenty of terrain and painting updates and hopefully tutorials.

Battle Brother's is a group of friends from the town of Crewe and Nantwich in Cheshire/ UK. There are currently 5 active members in our Chapter and between us we very in age from 18 - 26. We currently meet up once a week for battles and general club activities.

We have been collecting 40k since 2nd Edition in the 90's, some of our member since more recent.

These are the current Chapter members and there 40k forces.

  • Jimmy - Blood Angels, Kabal of the Black Heart, Sa'Cea Tau.
  • Jon - Hive Fleet "No Name", Space Wolves Bjorns Company, Grey Knights.
  • Matt - Ultramarines, Chaos Black Legion. Necrons.
  • Ben - Space Wolves 13th Company, Iyandan Eldar.
  • Chris - Ork Goff's, Hive Fleet "Leviathan".
Thanks for stopping buy,

Battle Brothers Chapter


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